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With a capacity of more than 125,000 m2 of warehouse space in the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia in different temperature modes, types of warehouses, and storage technologies, using the latest technology and software for the management of logistics processes, we are prepared to meet all customer requirements. The diversity of the industries our key customers come from requires specific qualities in logistical processes for which we have developed unique solutions.
We have ISO and HACCP certificates, and we are currently aligning our processes according to the IFS Logistics standard and TAPA FSR.

Javna skladišta Subotica

The total area of the warehouse space is 25,000 m2, while the surface area of the parking lot is more than 25,000 m2 and has the option of parking, with all associated services related to customs truck terminals for more than 150 trucks simultaneously.

Javna Skladišta has an industrial track that is regularly maintained and whose unloading capacity is around 900 tons a day or 18-20 wagons a day.
The warehouse provides reloading of all types of goods and weights (except hazardous materials) in truck and rail transportation.

Javna Skladišta is HACCP certified.


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FTL per year

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Customs procedures

125000 +

Storage space

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