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Nelt has been absolutely focusing on clients logistics needs. They can rely on latest infrastructure and expertise, which Nelt is constantly developing. Following the opening of a rail container terminal in main distribution centre Dobanovci, Nelt has rounded off its range of logistics services.

Business excellence in the distribution segment, which makes Nelt an internationally recognizable company, is based on a developed supply chain from which the third-party logistics services division stems from. The expertise and the technology that Nelt has implementing while advancing its distribution process are now available on the logistics market. In this way, Nelt has created a proactive approach and maximum synergy when implementing solutions.

Almost 25 years of experience in managing fast moving consumer goods are a sufficient guarantee for the flawless organization of integrated logistics services – from national and international transport and mediation in custom clearance to storing goods at various temperatures in both customs and non-customs warehouses, various extra services and packing services, co-packing and marking of high volume of products and delivery to over 22,000 locations. Nelt disposes of over 105,000 square metres of storage in ambient, cold and frozen regime, and 180 delivery vehicles which are used to manage 6,000 deliveries per day. Nelt handle over 2,500 SKUs in its warehouses.

On Nelt’s premises, in Dobanovci, there are railway tracks which have recently made it possible for Nelt to establish the first privately-operated intermodal terminal (railway container terminal) in Belgrade. The initial storing capacity of this terminal is 400 TEU with a possibility of boosting this capacity to several thousand TEU.

Nelt’s terminal is linked, via railway tracks, to all regional ports, as well as with other European ports and land terminals. The E-75 and E-70 motorways are only 6km from the terminal, Nikola Tesla Airport is 10km away, while the Šimanovci, Krnješevci, Stara Pazova and Inđija industrial zones are between 15 and 40km away. Inside Nelt’s logistics centre there is a custom clearance office with a warehouse which offers support to different processes and flow of goods.

Other services in Nelt are – processing of full and empty containers, i.e. receiving, handling, disposal, storage and dispatch. In order to provide full range services to the terminal’s users, Nelt provides maintaining, cleaning and repairing containers and the necessary inspection services, while also having a large parking lot that can take 100 trailer trucks. There are also additional services like charging and discharging of containers, the storage of goods under ambient or thermo-regulated warehouses, handling, and distribution to end users.

The benefits of the intermodal terminal for Nelt`s clients are reducing the share that transport costs have in the price of goods, safer and better transport of goods from manufacturer to consumer and saving on fuel. The benefits for the society and the country are reducing the emission of harmful gases, less utilizing roads for transport and more efficient business.

The terminal is open to everyone participating in import, transit and export business – from shipping companies and railway operators to logistics companies, freight forwaredes, manufacturers, brand owners and other distributors.


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