Internal logistics

Internal logistics

Internal logistics

Internal Logistics | Nelt LSP

The term internal logistics means the management of logistics processes within the customer’s production capacities.
Internal logistics is a process that involves a number of activities from taking over the product leaving the production line, packing the product according to the requirements and standards of the host, supplying the production lines with consumables and raw materials via system records, and labeling goods according to system inputs to transfer of the product to storage sites, warehousing of goods, migration within warehousing locations, inventory, preparation of goods according to the order of the host, system records, maintenance of equipment for handling of goods, waste management…
The scope and activities vary depending on the needs and requirements of each individual customer. Through its approach, Nelt provides hosts with flexibility in the planning and realization of their basic operations, fast and efficient organization, excellence and knowledge base that refine their basic operations and create added value to companies through certain savings in various forms (time, resources, money).


Nelt’s great experience in the field of transport..


With a capacity of more than 125,000 m2 of warehouse space in the markets of Serbia..

Public Customs Warehouse Services

Over 3,000 m2 of customs warehouse space at your disposal for customs goods storage..

Container terminal

With the opening of a rail container terminal Nelt has rounded off its range of logistics services.

Customs clearance

Nelt has been developing its customs brokerage service for years..


Goods are delivered to customers using a fleet consisting of more than 250 vehicles with capacities..

Conops - additional services

In line with growing customer needs to supply the market with products..

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Customs procedures

125000 +

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