Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our policy of corporate social responsibility is based on ethical business and the desire to help create a better environment for our employees, partners, and the wider community, in addition to achieving good business results and a high level of environmental responsibility.

Our business is focused on meeting the demands of our customers and consumers, as attested to by the ISO 9001 certificate. All of our facilities are designed and constructed in ways that ensures environmental protection, and measures of safety at work are observed throughout the company. We build our relationships with our partners only on mutual respect and trust.
To mark our 20 years in the business, in 2012 we decided to launch a new, long-term strategy in the area of corporate social responsibility. Realizing the strategic importance and necessity of education for our country and taking into account the real conditions in which we are as a society, we decided to use the design, financing, and implementation of various educational projects to show our aspiration towards the modernization, progress, and prosperity of the community in which we exist and operate. Through the provision of new opportunities for the most talented pupils and students, we help the very best, those who in the future will be the bearers of progress in our country.

For years we have been working on connecting with higher education institutions in the countries in which we operate in order to prepare students for their entry into the business world and the beginning of their careers. By organizing expert lectures, company visits, and student internships, we provide young people with opportunities to gain practical knowledge about the functioning of business processes in a large system that will later help them in their employment and integration into the business environment in our or any other organization. To date, we have signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and Faculty of Finance and Administration in Belgrade.

In partnership with the 12 Hub (G12 HUB) gallery in Belgrade, in June 2014 we launched the “Interdisciplinary cooperation as a development potential of young professionals in the fields of art, science, and new technologies” program for 30 students from six faculties in Belgrade. This program has been recognized by the New York Times magazine as a positive example of cooperation between a company and an non-governmental art organization. In its second season in 2016, the project was joined by the Nova Iskra design incubator.
For the fourth consecutive year, Nelt is supporting talented academics from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade so that they can present their skills and artistic achievements to the local public, through the concerts organized at the Guarnerius fine arts center. More than 50 young musical talents got an opportunity to introduce themselves through solo and group concerts, and the good practice of cooperation with the Guarnerius fine arts center will also continue in the future.

With the sponsorship provided by Nelt, a large interactive exhibition dedicated to Mihajlo Pupin that represents the most comprehensive cross-section of his life and work to date was set up in 2015 at the Historical Museum. The exhibition included Pupin’s activities in the fields of science, teaching, and writing, as well as the establishment and improvement of the largest institutions of science in America. The exhibition used the new augmented reality technology.

As of 2016, Nelt is a member of the Global Compact, the biggest global civil initiative within the UN. By this membership the company pledges to align its activities with the ten universal goals in the areas of human rights, labor, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

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