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Montenomaks C&L, one of the leaders in logistics and forwarding in Montenegro, has joined Nelt Group. Neregelia, a leader in Montenegro’s distribution market became owner of 80% of Montenomaks C&L.

Our goal is to present Neregelia business excellence in distribution together with Montenomaks many years of experience in logistics and to position on the market as a provider of integrated logistics services.

Montenomaks was established in 1999 and has been continually developing since. Today, provides logistic support: from the transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, goods handling, to distribution to end users – a team of over a 140 responsible and competent people within 12 branch offices in Montenegro, successfully solve all tasks. On top of wide spectre of services, Montenomaks C&L also offers courier service, MAKSEXPRESS, which provides direct delivery of parcels across Montenegro within 24 hours.


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