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Five advantages of groupage transport

Does the business dynamics require you to quickly provide your customers with smaller quantities of goods from different destinations across Europe? Is your customer expecting delivery as soon as possible? In these situations, the most efficient option is groupage transport.

Efficiency and superior quality of service are exactly the things that make Montenomaks one of the leaders in road transport. More than 20 years of experience and over 60,000 processed objects per year make Montenomaks the first choice of leading Montenegro companies.

Regular collection lines from Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia, to Kosovo and Albania, include 13 vehicles a week. From Western and Central Europe, direct lines go to Montenegro three times a week, across the platform in Austria and Croatia.

Here are the five reasons why groupage transport should be your choice for next shipment either in or out of the country.

1. Reduces costs

Profitability is the first reason to be considered when choosing the best shipping option. Since the carrier collects, stores, and then distributes all shipments in one truck, each sender pays a fraction of the cost of using the truck and not the price for the entire truck. Upon receiving your inquiry, the Montenomaks team will calculate all costs as soon as possible, and the client can easily evaluate the offer.

2. Increased security in the transport of goods

All goods are insured according to international standards, including complete care of export documentation and EUR1 form. Montenomaks offers the possibility of providing intermediation services in additional insurance with several insurance companies. Special transport modes, such as temperature, transport of ADR goods, unloading goods and value shipments may be provided upon request.

3. More services combined into one

Another advantage of multi-stop truckload transport is that it also saves the time and number of subcontractors you need to hire. Montenomaks’s Department of Customs Mediation is a team of experienced agents deployed in 12 branches throughout Montenegro. All shipments are going through customs at the terminal at Danilovgrad, and the deadline for the delivery of shipment after customs clearance in Podgorica is on the same day, while in other cities of Montenegro the goods are delivered within 24 hours.

4. Greater flexibility in delivery to different addresses

When your shipment is being delivered to multiple locations in the country or region, multi-stop truckload transport provides great flexibility. In cooperation with foreign partners, Montenomaks organizes transport from all European destinations, within 2 to 7 business days – from the moment we receive the order to the final delivery. 3000 transported items are handled.

5. Less pollution

In addition to being a good financial option for the sender, it is also a better mode of transport when talking about the environment. The mere fact that only one truck transports a cargo instead of several with smaller loads, means less harmful emissions to the atmosphere.

Are you ready to use groupage truck transport? Make sure you have properly packed the goods for delivery and leave the transport to Montenomaks, where a quality, reliable and secure service is awaiting you.



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