Our new facilities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our companies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are in the middle of the construction works. Building of new facilities (halls) within this two Nelt companies will be completed by spring 2019.

Multipurpose hall we are building in CDLC in Dobanovci will consist of two areas – one will be the office space covering 3.314 m². Storage space will cover a bigger area of 12.843 m². Total net surface will be 16.157 m².

The area includes UP (urban project) that Nelt Co built on over 60 hectares.

The area has 4 halls, management building, a restaurant, gas station, reception area, washing center, parking lot… And since we are now building a fifth building, it will be named Hall 5. It will be the third largest storage unit in CDLC Nelt Co, after Hall 1 and Hall 2.

With the 4 million Euros investment in Hall 2 in Eastern Sarajevo, we plan to strengthen our capacities with 5.000 more pallet spaces. The new storage will spread on 3.700 m² with an additional 1.400 m² of office space. We’re also planning an extension of 700 m² for the shelved storage and VAS services. In total, net surface will be 6.273 m².

All existing Nelt technology and standards will be implemented in the new storage as well.

Nelt in Bosnia has some 2.000 m² of office and 7.500 m² of storage space in an ambient, cool and frozen regime. Apart from Eastern Sarajevo, Nelt in Bosnia has distributive-logistic centers in Bijeljina and Banja Luka that, with a cross dock in Mostar, organize more than 20.000 deliveries per month in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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