Radovan Radulović – the best manager in category “Small Companies” in Montenegro

The award ceremony for the best managers in 2017 in ten categories was held on April 26 and was organised by the Association of Montenegro Managers (AMCG). Radovan Radulović, CEO of Montenomaks C&L, was named the best manager in the category of small companies in Montenegro.

“Today I am extremely pleased and proud to be here with you and to be a part of this event. I am especially proud and feel privileged to be the winner of the prize awarded by people from my profession, my fellow managers, which gives it a special value. Since June last year, we have become a part of the big Nelt Group. Thanks to this acquisition and thanks to that wind beneath our wings, we will soon be recognized as a regionally renowned company. I am certain that in future you will hear a lot of good about us.” – Radulović said on this occasion.

The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Serbian Association of Managers, the Croatian Association of Entrepreneurs and Managers, the Macedonian Association of Managers, as well as the winners of the 2016 awards. This year’s sponsor of the award ceremony was the Government of the Republic of Montenegro, with support from numerous companies.

The Board of Directors of the Association of Montenegro Managers accepted 70 candidacies from 250 received nominations and adopted the proposal of the expert jury for ten laureates. The jury consisted of representatives from Lovćen banka, the Institute of Certified Accountants of Montenegro, the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, the Union of Employers of Montenegro, the Council of Foreign Investors of Montenegro, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Mediterranean Studies, the Personnel Administration, the Supervisory Board of the Association of Montenegro Managers and the Active Citizenship Fund – Fakt, and last year’s laureates.

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